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Meet the Tranels

Husband Wife Team

She designs, he builds

Hey! I’m Cynthia. Together with my husband Jordan of Tranel Group and our fur baby Soca we are designing and building projects here in our beautiful island Grand Cayman. Truth be told, I’m not so sure how much Soca will be contributing, but that’s ok.

Mom of Label C and Soca, I've learned a lot by working for architecture firms and developers in multiple continents that have added to my vast knowledge of the architecture and construction industry. Jordan has been in the construction industry for over a decade with a primary focus on building commercial and high-end custom residential projects such as the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman, which actually brought him to the island. This is where we first met! However we did not meet on a construction site but in typical Cayman fashion on a boat party. The rest is history.

With our two backgrounds we are a team that can bring your dream to reality. Our ability to create a space that is elegantly designed while focusing on functionality truly sets us apart. Feel free to ask for a meeting with both of us to discuss your project.

Crystal Crib and Paradise Pad Spec Homes

Our first two flagship projects are two single-family homes located in the Seven Mile Corridor of Grand Cayman. These homes were designed and being built without a buyer up front. We are in the construction phase and will take you through the entire process.

We’ve seen countless people take this journey and know how exciting it is. We also know how stressful and overwhelming it can be, so we are hoping to share some of our knowledge with you. We are giving you a front row seat to all the action! You will enter our brains, see progress shots and any more tricks we learn along the way. We hope you will join us for this journey (which we are sure will be filled with highs and lows) of building these two dream spec homes we call Crystal Crib and Paradise Pad.

Label C Design Studio is a full service interior design firm based in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, founded by Cynthia Tranel. Our services range from interior design, interior architecture to furniture selection and sourcing.

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