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Homeware Furniture Store – Find Timeless Furnishings for an Elevated Home

Discover the coveted pieces at our homeware furniture store, where we believe that a life well-lived starts from your home where comfort and warmth meet. Step into a world of timeless elegance and classic modern designs with our thoughtful collection of quality furnishings that will transform your living spaces into beautiful abodes.

Elevated, warm, and infused with nature’s influence, Label C home furniture line is a livable luxury. Whether you’re looking for chic and modern pieces to add a touch of refinement or seeking old charm to create a cozy ambiance, we have something that will resonate with your vision. Explore the home decor shop with everything your space needs, plus modern and vintage home decor accessories from Label C—the ultimate destination for a life well-lived.

Home Decor Accessories – Exquisite Additions for Your Home

Shop our curated selection of timeless furniture for your home. Each home decor accessory is crafted with artistry and care, showcasing the work of talented artisans from around the world. From the fine textiles and materials to the thoughtful designs, every piece exudes a sense of timeless allure and refinement. Label C is a thoughtful curation of quality furniture and homeware intended for everyday use that deserves a prominent position in your home that fills you with warmth.

Create the kind of space you'll never want to leave.

Label C draws inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding it, focusing on quality rather than quantity and crafting innovative, timeless spaces that truly feel like home. Our design belief pays homage to old-age and new, infusing the aesthetic with elevated ease and warm refinement.

Label C Design Studio

Label C is a full service interior design studio with a furniture and homeware shop based in Grand Cayman. We focus on providing our clients with beautiful unique interiors that blend the best out of both worlds old and new in a sleek way. Our goal is to create timeless spaces that are sophisticated in their simplicity. From large scale residences, boutique commercial projects to simple quick makeovers, Label C will expertly reflect your personal taste and style.

Shop our Coveted Collection of Home Essentials

Elevate your everyday with our curated home essentials and quality goods. Start redefining your space with timeless furniture and decor pieces where comfort and luxe meet.

“Best Interior Design Studio and Housewares shop in Cayman. A full-service design firm, we worked closely with the owner, Cynthia Tranel, to design and furnish our entire home. She has an unbelievable eye for interior architecture and creates a home that is functional, beautiful, elevated, and designed to last.”

Abby K.

Explore our Bespoke Furniture & Homeware Shop in Grand Cayman

Infuse your living spaces with the essence of island living and countryside elegance. Our homeware shop in Grand Cayman celebrates the charm of nature, offering quality homeware that effortlessly blends earthy tones and not too polished aesthetics. Discover the furniture fundamentals that make up timeless design today and transform your space with the exclusive homeware collection at our store in Grand Cayman.

from our collection

Kitchen and Dining for everyday and entertaining.

Elevate your everyday gatherings with exceptional kitchenware and dining essentials. Discover a range of unique items that will transform your kitchen and dining room. From stylish table linens and essential countertop organizers to captivating dinnerware sets that showcase your finest tablescape, our collection offers everything you need. Explore our selection of kitchen and dining basics today and elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Home Decor Accessories Store: Curated Home Essentials

Elevate your everyday life with our curated home essentials and quality goods. Start redefining your space with timeless furniture and decor pieces where comfort and luxe meet. At Label C we value quality over quantity. Shop our built-to-last collection of homeware and decor. These are the tried-and-true pieces you will treasure forever. Discover why there is no place quite like Label C furniture and homeware store.

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Label C Design Studio is a full service interior design firm based in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, founded by Cynthia Tranel. Our services range from interior design, interior architecture to furniture selection and sourcing.

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